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      R & D/ About us

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      • Scientific research and development

        Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical LLC has two provincial enterprise technology centers, a student park. Successively with the Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other tertiary institutions and research institutes to carry out multi-faceted cooperation. Company's existing high-tech personnel, technical backbone of 23 people. In March 2016, the company and the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huzhou Institute of cooperation in the establishment of the center for drug preparation research and development.
      • To establish strategic alliance cooperation with famous domestic scientific research institutes

        Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical LLC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University to establish a strategic alliance cooperation, the successful introduction of foreign advanced production technology; drug research and development center and the United States established preparation platform for research and development of new products, and at the same time, the introduction of foreign talents, is currently in the course of development of new dosage form of Chinese medicine.
      • Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical LLC by Share Ltd focused on introduction and cultivation of talents. To build and reserves of the group of scientific research personnel, has completed and Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College, Zhejiang University of technology, build biological medicine, modern medicine and other high-level innovative talents training platform, students base and make full use of the cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the, the plan for the company for the cultivation of reserve talents. Currently Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to pursue a master's degree of scientific and technical personnel 6 people, provides a strong talent pool for the future development of the company.
      • Quality system

        Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical LLC by Share Ltd has passed the new GMP certification. Hangzhou Huawei pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd R & D center and quality system organization:

      • Product registration

        There are 33 national drug registration certificate, is to declare the international registration of the project 7.

      • Scientific research cooperation

        Hangzhou Huawei Pharmaceutical LLC is comprehensively promote open R & D technology platform construction, presently faces the society extensive collection of technical cooperation projects, including the research potential of the species, the introduction of clinical approval, a new drug certificate and production approval and mature industrialization pharmaceutical technology introduction, medicine, health care food can, interested parties please contact us!

      Tel: +86-571-63431468         E-mail: 31787227582@qq.com

      Address: No.89, Golf Road, Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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